Behind the scenes with Kelly Rowland

When Really found out that we would be going to meet Kelly Rowland, we were very, very excited. Here's what happened when we caught up with the former Destiny's Child star in Miami for a photoshoot to promote The Fashion Show, coming to Really in June.

"It's 10pm by the time we find ourselves carrying a couple of black mannequins and a metal clothes stand along Ocean Drive in Miami's South Beach. No one is paying much attention to us though, not the man with the python wrapped round his neck and definitely not the girl out for dinner in a metallic gold bikini!

The mannequins and the metallic stand are some of the props Really is about to use in its photoshoot with Kelly Rowland, the Grammy-award winning singer who was a member of Destiny's Child and has been in the media spotlight since she was 14 years old.

Kelly arrives

Kelly is running a little late on the morning of the shoot, but is hugely apologetic as she enters Hotel Victor, a glamorous South Beach address.

Her hair and make-up team has already arrived and is upstairs in the penthouse setting up. Unfortunately, the weather doesn't want to play ball and for the first time in several years (apparently), a typhoon warning is in place and heavy rain starts to lash down!

Bad weather

'Miami, why are you doing this to them when they’ve flown all the way from London?' Kelly asks, looking out of the window at the grey skies before settling down to get her hair and make-up done.

Heat magazine are with us and once the lighting and new indoor locations are agreed on and set up, the Heat photoshoot begins with Kelly changing into four different high street outfits.

Really goes shopping for Kelly

As Kelly's luggage was lost in transit during her latest long haul flight, we head out to Atrium (a local boutique) with Kelly's personal assistant to choose some new outfits for the photoshoot. We buy a fitted black dress and a floaty, fuchsia pink number before heading back to the hotel.

As hundreds of photos are taken of Kelly, she remains in good humour, laughing and joking, and being a great sport.

High street hottest

The shoot draws to a close with Kelly asking if she can take home the Topshop earrings and H&M dresses we brought over from the UK for her. She might have fame and fortune, but it seems our Kel is no snob when it comes to fashion!"

The Fashion Show is coming to Really in June. Watch this space!