Grey's Anatomy

Grey's Anatomy: Season 3

Finally - season 3 of our favourite medical drama comes to Really! Here’s a quick summary of what to expect…

Grey's Anatomy

The medical interns have learned a lot since their first year at Seattle Grace Hospital – not only about surgery, but about themselves and life. After falling in love with her patient Denny Duquette - and trying desperately to save him in the season 2 finale, Izzie now has to cope with his death.

With her friends by her side, she tries to move forward, but having quit the hospital, she finds herself with a lot of time on her hands - and a new obsession with baking. George has had his own ups and downs in love (let's not forget the syphilis incident from season 2!). Having had his dreams of a relationship with Meredith crushed after a demoralising one-night stand with her, he finally finds love with the unlikeliest of people – sassy orthopedic surgeon Dr. Callie Torres.

Callie sees and loves all of the qualities that makes George who he is, and in return George appreciates her being the kind of woman who will stand up for him and their relationship. Alex Karev may be the intern everyone loves to hate, but he has been there for his fellow students when it matters.

He still seems to have confused feelings for Izzie, but with the arrival of a badly wounded patient called Rebecca, whom he starts getting close to, things get even more complicated. Meanwhile, Meredith's best friend Cristina Yang, who once lacked all bedside manner, is now allowing her allegiances to friends and her emotions to seep into her work.

However, one of her greatest emotional challenges is yet to come, as she must become a source of support and assistance to her boyfriend, cardiothoracic surgeon Dr. Preston Burke. Highly respected amongst his fellow surgeons, Burke must deal with a potentially career-ending tremor in his hand, the result of a near-fatal shooting accident at the hospital.

And finally, there's Meredith Grey. After Meredith and Derek "McDreamy" Shepherd’s ever-present sexual tension culminated in a moment of passion at the end of season 2, the pair have to face the consequences.

Meredith was just beginning to fall for vet Finn, who was handsome and actually available. Meanwhile, there’s the matter of Derek’s wife, Addison; a neonatal surgeon at the hospital, who is desperately trying to put her own indiscretions in the past to save her marriage. But with Derek's ex-best friend Mark Sloan still in the picture at the hospital, this love triangle is anything but simple.

And let's not forget hilarious and brash Dr. Miranda Bailey, who both terrorizes and nurtures the interns.

Bailey maintains a tough exterior, but with the interns, her softer side does come out from time to time. Supervising the whole operation is the chief, Dr. Richard Webber. His past affair with Meredith’s mother, Ellis, have been exposed and he must now deal with the consequences to his family and professional life.

Get ready with a box of tissues and a stiff drink. You're going to need it!