10 Years Younger

If you look a lot older than your age, the 10 Years Younger team will help you shed the years.

10 Years Younger

Feeling old and frumpy? These lot are. To add insult to injury, the British public has guessed their ages and the results are not pleasing.

Stress, ciggies, booze, babies all have a part to play on taking their toll on our youthful good looks. But Nicky Hambleton-Jones is on hand with a team of experts to try and deduct a decade. There's the option of cosmetic surgery and dentistry for a more extreme approach, plus plenty of wardrobe, make up and hair help on hand.

After their massive makeovers, will they look ten years younger?

10 Years Younger is a Channel 4 show and unfortunately we aren't able to help you appear on the show.