Airline USA: On The Fly

Follow the trials and tribulations of the team at Southwest Airways, the USA's fourth largest carrier.

Airline USA: On The Fly

IRLINE follows the extraordinary stories of the staff who work at -- and the passengers who travel on -- Southwest Airlines, the USA's fourth largest carrier.

The season premiere opens with a diverse and astonishing range of stories: in Los Angeles, Supervisor Steve Ramirez has to handle an out of control drunken passenger - at 7 am in the morning; while colleague Susie Boersma has the delicate task of telling a passenger he smells too bad to travel.

Meanwhile, in Chicago, stormy weather is causing massive delays and stormy passengers are pushing staff to their limits.

Also, Supervisor Val Brown has the difficult task of informing a customer that hes too big for one seat and that he will need to buy two tickets.