About Ireland: Don't Tell the Bride

You know the Don’t Tell The Bride drill: each episode a couple, who are madly in love but can't afford to marry, is given £10k for the wedding of their dreams.

Ireland: Don't tell the Bride

But there's a catch, a very big catch. They must get married within three weeks and the groom has to arrange everything, from the dress to the venue. He and his bride are contractually bound to have no contact until the big day, so it’s down to the fella to choose the venue, the dress and the food. Woe betide him if he gets it wrong.

You love it, we love it and now here’s a chance to see some brand new episodes never seen before in the UK. We go over to Ireland to see whether those hunky Gaelic boys are as clueless as organising weddings as their British brethren are.

The six-episode series feature couples from Dublin, Sligo, Cork, Donegal, Meath and Carlow and some of them have cancelled previous wedding dates due to redundancy, while others just haven't been able to get it together to get wed. But now there’s no excuse.

During the series we see a couple from Dublin, who have intended to marry three times before, finally get married in a landmark venue that's never before hosted a wedding. One bride gets a helicopter ride to her local church, while a groom makes a disastrous decision about the wedding reception. And just like the Brit DTTB, there are tears and tantrums throughout, but always (well, almost always) a happy ending.