Best-ever first dance videos

The evolution of the first dance is really quite remarkable. What used to be an embarrassed shuffle across the dancefloor is now a high-kicking, jazz-handing, booty-shaking spectacle that’s choreographed to within an inch of its life.

We’ve trawled the net for ten of the finest and funniest first dances - including that Dirty Dancing routine which so many couples have now replicated.

So kick off the Emma Hopes and don the Nike Air-Max. Cue hip-hop, breakdancing and some serious shape-throwing.

Awesome stuff.

Time of my life

Dirty Dancing fanatics James and Julia even dressed like Johnny and Baby for their number. And yes, they do the lift.

Nobody puts Baby in the corner

Booty luv

Our personal fave complete with booty-shaking, high-fiving and bottom-slapping.

Shake what your mama gave you

Thriller II

An alternative version of Thriller but for better or for worse?

The second coming

The mash-up

A five-song medley spanning Justin Timberlake and the Moulin Rouge theme. Quality.

Go girl!

Mr and Mrs Wilhelm

Flips, bodypops, spins… and they both looked so normal!

NYC stylee

Bump and grind

What starts out slow and romantic ends up all bassy and booty. To the tune of Low by Flo Rida. Respect.

Low, low, low, low, low…

Hammer time

Beks and Shaun throw some shapes to MC Hammer's Can't Touch This.

Got da moves

Hey Sandy

This couple carve up the dancefloor with 'You're The One That I Want'. And check out the bride's red Converse.

Tell me about it, stud

The original

The original and some say the best. It's had nearly 9m views since it appeared on YouTube in 2006. This is the Thriller routine that started it all:

Thriller Night