Britain is a nation of social media spies

How much time do you spend online snooping through your ex's Facebook profile or reading random people's tweets?

Britain is a nation of social media spies

According to our research, Brits spend an average of 11 days every year snooping on partners, colleagues and friends.

We asked 2,000 Britons about their online spying habits and the results show that we are a nation of social media stalkers!

Over a third of people questioned said they use social media to find out if their partner is telling the truth about where they've been, and two out of five people said they aren't friends with their partners on social media sites to avoid any arguments.

Our findings also revealed that women are more likely to use social media sites as a spy tool, while men are more likely to avoid friending their partner on social media sites.

And a quarter of social media users said they had accidentally ‘liked’ or ‘added’ the person they were spying on via Facebook - awkward!

The average Brit spends 43 minutes per day using social media to spy on others, which adds up to a massive 262 hours in a year.

And the biggest lie discovered through social media is people not being honest about their relationship status.

Facebook was named the top social media spy tool of choice, followed by Twitter (20%), and LinkedIn (11%).