Britain's Worst Teeth

One in five Brits never visits the dentist and one in ten has a fear of the dentist's chair, so it's little wonder that Britain has a global rep for terrible teeth.

Britain's Worst Teeth follows four people whose lives are being ruined by the appalling condition of their teeth. There are siblings Paul and Genna Leach, each petrified of the dentist. Both recall horrific dentistry experiences as children, the memory of which has stopped them from having treatment for the last ten years.

And there is Sarah who's addicted to sugar. On top of all the sweets and chocolate consumed, she has four teaspoons of sugar in tea and coffee and three tablespoons on her cereal. She hasn't seen a dentist since her early teens and at 20 years old her teeth are already falling apart.

Three of Britain's top dentists have agreed to take on the troubled group to see if they can do anything to save their terrible teeth. Watch (and wince...).