Cops & 'copters

Strap yourself in as Really puts its flashing blue light on and follows the real-life 999 drama that our boys (and girls) in blue face out there every day. Here’s what we’ve got in store…

Cops & ‘copters

Helicopter Search and Rescue

With exclusive access to the Irish Coast Guard's helicopter Search and Rescue service and filmed over six months, Helicopter Search And Rescue follows the rescue crews at Waterford helicopter base (RESCUE 117) as they battle to save lives in one of the most hostile environments in the world. Leading some of the most dramatic rescues ever caught on film is chief pilot Dara Fitzpatrick who is one of only a handful of female civilian rescue pilots in the world.

Highlights from the series include exclusive footage of a plane crash off Tusker Rock, the dramatic rescue of three RNLI volunteers, the dash to save a baby's life and the vivid rescue of a woman stranded by incoming tides.

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Traffic Cops

Really takes you onto the roads to see first-hand how our Traffic Cops are fighting car crime, dealing with reckless driving and responding to horrific crashes on our highways and byways.

Narrated by Jamie Theakston, series 11 of this fly-on-the-wall documentary series starts in Bedfordshire, where traffic cops armed with 50,000-volt tasers are called in to make a difficult arrest; a lone traffic cop is set upon by a gang of youths in Luton town centre; and a desperate teenager leads cops on a hair-raising pursuit in a stolen car.

See the traffic cops of Bedfordshire dealing with illegal drugs in the car of a motorist taking his kids to school, disarming a gang member by red-dotting him with the laser light from a Taser, helping with an horrific crash on the M1 and searching for a teenager who has evaded capture by jumping into a canal.

Just another bunch of days in the life of our Traffic Cops.

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Sky Cops

Take to the sky and follow the high-up drama of life as a police helicopter squad.

Narrated by Jamie Theakston, the hair-raising show follows two helicopter units - South Yorkshire Air Operations and the Metropolitan Police - as they tackle crime from the sky.

Watch how thermal imaging tracks suspects, there's no escaping once they've picked up on you! The Sky Cops are there to guide the police down below with a gang terrorising London with fireworks, scooter getaways and night time car chases.

Then the chopper team try and teach a group of sniffer dogs to be calm in a helicopter, but a couple of hounds just can't get over their fear of flying.

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Traffic Blues

People are killed on Ireland's roads every day: in the first five months of 2009 alone, 100 lives were lost. Speeding, traffic jams and drunk driving - the potential for danger on our roads is starker than ever.

A new UK premiere six-part observational series, Traffic Blues, shines a light into six months of the life of the Traffic Corps at all levels and across Ireland, but primarily in three divisions - the Dublin Metropolitan division based in Dublin Castle, the Louth division taking in stations in Drogheda and Dundalk and the Donegal division focusing on Burnfoot and Letterkenny.

Over six months, guards from the three units were accompanied by a film crew as they went about their daily business of enforcing the laws of the road throughout the country. Incidents from their daily routine were combined with the relevant footage from ground, mobile and airborne cameras to reveal the situations the traffic division has to deal with and the often shocking attitudes and the behaviour of Irish drivers across the country.

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