Dental horror stories

What it is about dentists that brings out palpitations in people? We’re not entirely sure but we’re guessing that these tales of woe probably won’t help much…

Bad teeth

Feeling icky

"OK, confessional. I went to the dentist once with a dreadful hangover – oh God I can’t I’m telling you this. I was feeling really rough and she must have triggered my gag reflex because next thing I knew I’d been sick. Like everywhere. I was absolutely mortified, as was she. Even typing these words now brings me out in a cold sweat." Paul, Manchester

Talking with your mouth full

"Not really a horror story but it is funny. I was at the dentists for a filling and the dentist didn’t stop chatting. One of his questions was ‘what do you do for a living?’ Of course I couldn’t reply properly with his hands in my mouth so I mumbled ‘courier driver’. He must have thought I’d said ‘careers advisor’ because he starts telling me all about his son and asking what career path he should follow. He spent so long outlining all his different options I didn’t have the heart to tell him I worked for Business Post…." Duncan, Croydon


"My little boy’s first tooth came out eating an apple and he swallowed it. He was devastated that the tooth fairy might not come so I had the unenviable task of dissecting his next number two. Eugh." Sally, E1


"My six-year-old daughter was running up the stairs when she tripped and fell headlong into the bathroom. She smashed her two front teeth on the toilet pedestal and there was blood absolutely everywhere. Thankfully they were her milk teeth – her new teeth have now grown through and they’re straight and white and lovely!" Vivien, Sevenoaks

Got the needle

"I was doing some sewing and stupidly put the needle between my teeth while I hunted for the thread. Like a fool I bit down on it and it took a big chip out of my front tooth. It looked dreadful so I went along to the dentist for a hugely expensive reconstruction, which promptly fell off three days later! The dentist wanted to charge me again to have it put back on (?!) which was my cue to find a new ethical dentist." Vicky, Brighton