About Don't Tell The Bride

Would you let your husband-to-be and his family and friends organise the most important day of your life? Can a man organise every detail of his partner's dream wedding - from the all-important dress and venue right down to the ring and the cake? Without his dearly beloved having a complete and utter meltdown?

Don't Tell The Bride

That's what Don't Tell The Bride endeavours to find out. Each episode of this hilarious and nail-biting BBC series sees one groom-to-be take complete control of the nuptials. Given a £12,000 budget and just three weeks to plan everything from the colour and theme, to the bridesmaids dresses and the table decorations, each episode sees the groom handling the pressure in his own special style. And as the couple are barred from seeing each other until the ceremony, the bride has a long and terrifying wait to find out how he did!

Series 4

You’ll meet Ryan and Fern, Hannah and Andy, Sally and Colin, Ian and Reanna, Tom and Lotty and half a dozen other couples where the woman puts all her trust on their men to organise the biggest day of their lives. What dress will he choose? What about the cake? The flowers? The location? More importantly, will he get it right?!

Series 3

Be prepared for high stress levels all round! There's Ritesth and Sheena, who have no money left after ploughing all funds into their ice cream business. And Richard and Catherine, whose wedding is at risk by the best man leading the future groom astray. Not forgetting control freak Leanne, who is finding it hard to trust her Wayne to deliver the fairy tale wedding she expects...

Series 2

There's more wedding planning dramas for grooms-to-be as Don't Tell The Bride returns. Bride-to-be Pippa breaks down in tears - of horror - when she tries on the wedding dress that her fiancé Tony has chosen for her. There's a Caribbean-style wedding in store for Paula, who's been dating sweetheart Rodney for 13 years, meanwhile Linda's hoping for a fairy-tale wedding, but fiancé James opts for a Las Vegas theme, complete with showgirls. But when all is said and done, will the brides say "I do"?

Series 1

For intrepid couples like Sam and Katy, JP and Mayita, Lee and Sophie, Andy and Serina, Vu and Maomi and Jason and Cassy it’s the ultimate exercise in trust. Can the grooms choose the right dresses and make all the right decisions? Let's hope they know each other's tastes as well as they think.