Your frequently asked questions answered about Really On Demand...


Will Really On Demand work on my phone or tablet?

For technical reasons we can only provide a service on laptops and PCs.

Are all Really programmes available on Really On Demand?

Due to restrictions rights, not all of them but lots of your favourite shows are such as Covert Affairs, Paranormal Witness and Ghost Adventures to name but a few!

Why do programmes expire?

We offer a catch up service where most programmes are be available for 7 days after the first broadcast due to rights restrictions. Some other programmes are available for longer periods of time.

Do some programmes stay for longer than others?

We have extended rights for some programmes, which means that we can make them available for longer than the standard 7 days.

How long does it take for programmes to appear on Really On Demand?

We try to make programmes available within one hour of the first transmission.

Can I watch Really On Demand in another country?

Programme owners give us the rights to distribute their shows in the UK and the Republic of Ireland.

Are subtitles available on Really On Demand?

Subtitles are not available on the Really On Demand service.

Does Really On Demand have resume play functionality?

Really On Demand does not have resume play functionality, which means that if you browse to a different part of the website when watching a programme, you will need to start from the beginning again on your return.


How do I set parental control?

Click on Parental Lock and then slide the parental control to On. You will be asked to select whether you want to restrict just 18-rated content or all content rated 15 or over. To set your PIN, tap on the first number box and use the keypad to enter your four digit PIN, then tap the Enable PIN button below.

Please note that the PIN is set just for the device you enter it on. If you have Really On Demand on multiple devices you will need to set a PIN on each.


Are all programmes free on Really On Demand?

Yes, all programmes are free to view on Really On Demand.

Why do Really On Demand programmes include advertising?

As a free service we are required to serve advertising around programmes to cover operating costs.

Is it possible to turn off advertising?

No, it is not possible to turn off advertising.


Why does the video playback keep buffering?

Problems such as videos freezing or stuttering are usually because of a restricted Internet connection. The playback relies on the video data arriving faster than the video can play, which builds up the buffer. The speed of your connection is affected by a number of issues including other network traffic, WiFi speed and WiFi connection strength.

You can also have performance issues if your device is running lots of applications in the background at the same time. You can try shutting all other applications down to see if this makes an improvement. To do this, double click on the device home button (the indented button with the white square icon below the bottom of the screen) to reveal currently running apps. Click and hold on one icon until they start to shake and a red close button appears, and click on each close button until the tray is empty, apart from Video On Demand. Then double click on the home button again to return to the app.

I'm using Unix (Debian/Ubuntu), why can't I play any videos?

The fix to the problem requires the installation of HAL and the directory ~/.adobe/Flash_Player/APSPrivateData2 to be removed.

Please follow these steps in Debian/Ubuntu.

  • Open a terminal window
  • Remove the broken protected content module directory with the following command: rm -rf ~/.adobe/Flash_Player/APSPrivateData2
  • Install HAL with the following command: sudo apt-get install hal


"This content is not available in your country" error message on playback.

We're only able to make our content available to users within the UK. If you are in the UK there's a small chance you may still get this message, which means that your IP number looks like it's in another country. If this is the case you would need to use a different connection to access our content until the IP number list is updated.

"Ad blocking detected" error message

To watch On Demand programmes please turn off any ad blocking software in your browser settings

"The player cannot play this protected content at this time" error message on playback

This may mean that you are running your browser window in 'private mode' or 'incognito mode'. Please check and ensure that the window you are using is not in private mode (called incognito in Chrome).

Black empty player window

If you are trying to watch a programme and you experience a blank black screen with a small spinning wheel in the bottom right-hand corner, you may have Java disabled. Please check in your browser preferences and turn Java on if it is disabled. You should quit and restart your browser before trying again.

Website Looks Wrong With No Images And Strange Colours

If the websites look strange, with no images and odd colours, you may have JavaScript disabled. Please check that JavaScript is not disabled. Modern browsers make it difficult to turn off JavaScript, so to find out how change this setting search online for instructions.

Our websites are optimised for the latest browsers, and unfortunately we are unable to support all kinds of different browser versions on different operating systems. If you are using Internet Explorer, the websites will not work properly on versions earlier than 8.

For you to enjoy the best possible user experience we recommend that you have a broadband internet connection.

We recommend use of the service with the following browsers: Chrome version 30 or later, Firefox version 24 or later, Safari version 5, Internet Explorer 8 or higher. The site will work with other browsers, but the user experience may not be as satisfactory.

Cookies should be enabled in your browser (this can be checked in the security part of your browser's preferences or settings).


I want to report an issue with the On Demand service

To be able to diagnose your problem we need to be able to reproduce it. Please could you give us as much detail of your technical set up (device used, browser type and version number, internet connection type) and any other information that may be relevant (location, programme watched, time of day).

How do I contact the digital team at Really?

UKTV, the network that operates Really, welcomes your feedback. There are a number of different ways you can contact us, depending what you want to know or have to tell us. If you wish to provide feedback or have questions about UKTV's content or services on YouView please get in touch with us by visiting our contact us page, calling us on 08457 344 355 or emailing feedback.uktvnetwork@bss.org