Halloween Bunting

No Halloween party is complete without creepy bunting, so craft away to create your very own spooky wall decorations!

Create the ultimate ghoulish wall decorations!


  • Coloured Thick Card

  • Scissors / Craft Knife

  • Lengths of Ribbon / String

  • Craft Glue

  • Push Pins


  • Select coloured card of your choice and draw out the shape of the spooky image you want to include on your bunting (great choices are pumpkins, ghosts, bats, black cats, etc. - the spookier the better!).

  • Cut around your template (watch your fingers!) and trace the design onto additional sheets of card and repeat until you have the desired number of bunting cut outs.

  • Take your string or ribbon and position your cut-outs along the length for where you want them placed. Once you're happy with their position, glue in to place (don't use too much glue or you'll stick your bunting to the surface you're working on!)

  • Make a cup of tea while the glue dries. Once dried you can hang your bunting up using pins.

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