The Most Expensive Places to Live in London

London has always been one of the most expensive places to live in the UK, and it has quickly become one of the most expensive in the world.

1. Kensington

At an average price of £1,193 per square foot, the neighbourhood is home to only the richest of the rich. The neighbourhood boasts a home with a private museum for vintage Ferraris, underground swimming pools and many private cinemas. The median property value in the area is around £1.7 million. The highest house price is well over £30 million.

2. Chelsea

Chelsea is known to be an area for artists and has a rich history of being home to the Beatles, the Rolling Stones and Kylie Minogue. Additionally, former Formula 1 boss Bernie Ecclestone and Norway's richest man John Fredriksen also live in Chelsea. Chelsea is renowned for celebrity visits and even has a rose garden names after Prince Will and Princess Kate. The median property price in the area is £1.3 million, the highest house price, in the range of £25 million.

3. Knightsbridge

Knightsbridge is a posh area that is accessible easily by public transport, making it an extremely desirable place to live and visit for tourists. The Knightsbridge station is right next to the UK's most expensive piece of private real estate: 1 Hyde Park. The median property price in this area is £1.3 million rising to more than £35 million.

4. Notting Hill

Gaining notoriety in popular culture due to the same title film starring Hugh Grant, the Notting Hill area became a very popular place to visit and live. The median property in this area is £1.1 million raising to a potential £13.5 million or more.