How to tell if your house is haunted

Hearing bumps in the night or sure your flickering lights have nothing to do with faulty electricity? Perhaps your house is haunted! Here are some signs to look for to see if your house is also home to the paranormal!

Is your house haunted

Unexplained noises

If you're hearing unexplained footsteps, banging, rasping and scratching they could be sounds that a spirit is present in your home. These sounds can be either loud or soft but cannot be explained as anything else.

Doors opening and closing

It is unlikely that you will see a door or cupboard opening or closing but quite likely that you would hear it without explanation. You may also enter a room and discover a door, window or cupboard is open or closed, knowing that you left it the opposite.

Lights turning on and off

Again it is unlikely that you will see a light being turn on or off but you may know you left a light on and find it is now off or via versa. This can also happen with electrical items such as televisions and radios.

Items disappearing and reappearing

We've all been there, that moment when you can't find your house keys even though you think you left them where you normally do. Later you find them in exactly the place you were looking for them earlier as though they've been borrowed by someone and put back. You know you definitely looked for them and could not have missed them.

Items moving

If you think items are starting to move around your home then you should start to make note of when these events happen so if you know you put an item in a particular place and it has been moved, you can perhaps begin to consider paranormal activity.

Unexplained shadows

Many people claim to have seen shadowy figures when talking about paranormal activity in their home. The sighting of fleeting shapes and shadows, seen out of the corner of your eye, could be a sign of paranormal phenomena.

Strange animal behaviour

Animals have sharper senses than humans and can often be an indicator that something paranormal is present. Cats may be seen 'staring' at something across the room and dogs may bark even though there seems to be nothing there. You could also find that your dog will refuse to enter a room they normally spend time in or cower at seemingly nothing.

Feeling of being watched

If you continually get the feeling that you are being watched when you're in a particular area of the house at a particular time, then you could very well be experiencing paranormal activity.

Change in temperature

If the temperature of the air around you suddenly changes, it could be a sign that a spirit is nearby. When particular rooms are colder than others or there are areas of a room that are noticeably cooler are all signs of paranormal activity. Sources have suggested that the air around you gets colder when spirits are present as they absorb the energy around them to manifest. The colder air doesn't mean that you will see a spirit manifest but it may be a sign that one is nearby.

Being touched

Do you get the feeling you're being touched, pushed or pulled, yet no-one else is around? It could be a sign that spirits are present. Again, it is important that you try and rule other things out before coming to the conclusion that it was a spirit who touched you. For example, did you brush past a curtain or is a window letting in a slight breeze?

Seeing a spirit

To be completely sure your house is haunted you will need to actually see the entity itself. Whether a figure manifests in front of you or you catch a glimpse of it and it vanishes, these sightings are much more than the unexplained shadows mentioned previously. The figures may look completely normal or they may seem bloodied and wounded, depending on the circumstances of their death.

Remember, you should always try to find a rational reason for the things that are happening in your home. It is important to try and 'debunk' your theories before settling on paranormal phenomena as the answer.