Small But Terrifying Pumpkins

Who says the biggest pumpkins are the scariest? The little ones are just as creepy, and we show you how..

Sometimes the scariest things come in the smallest packages..


  • Small / Miniature Pumpkin(s)

  • Small Serrated Knife / Pumpkin Carving Knife

  • Sewing Pins / Buttons / Google Eyes

  • Joke Vampire Teeth

  • Glue


  • Take your small pumpkin and carve a rectangle lengthways across the pumpkin to create the mouth hole (ensure it's the same width or slightly wider than your joke vampire teeth).

  • Remove the pulp and seeds inside with a small spoon and discard.

  • Push the vampire joke teeth into the mouth hole on your pumpkin and glue if necessary.

  • Stick push pins above the mouth to create the eyes, alternatively you can use other items such as buttons or google eyes for a different effect.

  • Place around your home for a tiny terrifying army of spooky pumpkins!

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