Strangest UFO Reports


For years there have been reports of UFO sightings from all over the world. We've listed the strangest ones here.

The Lubbock Lights One of the most famous UFO cases is the Lubbock Lights incident which was reported in 1951 in Texas by three professors.

The witnesses claimed they were sitting in the backyard of one of their homes when they saw 20 to 30 lights fly overhead. One commented saying that the lights appeared to be about 'dinner plate' size and were greenish-blue in colour.

The USAF (United States Air Force) concluded that the lights were likely caused by birds named plovers which have white breasts that can reflect lights from cities and towns below as they fly overhead.

Keeksburg, Pennsylvania In Keeksburg, Pennsylvania in 1965, multiple people claimed to have seen something crashing into the woods near the town.

Those who saw the mysterious object claimed that it fell from the sky and was about the size of a Volkswagen Beetle. It was also claimed, that almost immediately after it crashed to earth; the US army arrived and cordoned off the area.

The official report that was released said that it was a meteor crashing into the woods, though understandably most of the people who saw it were sceptical of this conclusion. To this day the case remains a mystery.

Socorro, New Mexico One of the most famous UFO sightings in the USA happened in the town of Socorro, New Mexico in 1964. The witness to the event was a police officer named Lonnie Zamora, who was in pursuit of a speeding car when he saw an oval shaped object in the sky. He said the object had strange red insignia on the side.

Zamora claims to have seen the object rise from the ground and take off. His story drew a huge amount of media and government attention, including leading to the CIA filing a report on the incident. Zamora retired from the police force shortly after the incident and the case remains unsolved.

Ontario, Canada Diane Labanek claimed to have seen a UFO hovering above a field near her home after she went to check why her dogs were barking. Shortly after, the object took off and disappeared. Labanek claimed that a government helicopter appeared at the scene quickly investigating before heading off in the same direction as the UFO, though there are no official records of this.

A few months later, a UFO researcher named Bob Oeschler received a package that included alleged military documents and a video featuring the same UFO that Labanek claimed to have seen.

Manitoba, Canada One of the strangest UFO sightings in modern history took place at Falcon Lake in Manitoba, Canada and involved a man named Stephen Michelak. Michelak claims to have encountered not one, but two UFOs, and after investigating them was blasted with some sort of hot air from a vent that left him with strange markings on his abdomen and led to him being hospitalised.

This remains one of the strangest UFO cases on record due to the fact its one of the few where a person has claims to have made contact with alien life and has suffered a very real and very odd injury.