Trishna and Krishna: The Miracle Separation

The story of how doctors operated on a set of Bangladeshi twin girls joined at the skull...

In 2007, twin baby girls were left at an orphanage in Dhaka, Bangladesh by their destitute parents. But Trishna and Krishna were not any twins – their skulls were fused together and, shortly after the girls arrived, Australian volunteer Danielle Noble realised that they needed urgent and specialised medical care.

This fascinating documentary tells the story of the Bangladeshi conjoined twins and the two-year fight by medical professionals to separate the girls and save their lives.

Businessman Atom Rahman and the Children First Foundation’s Moira Kelly heard Danielle’s plea for help and were granted joint custody of the girls, immediately arranging for them to be flown to the Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne, Australia.

While Trishna seemed healthy and strong, Krishna was suffering from a long list of life-threatening conditions, including hypertension, pneumonia and an enlarged heart.

The twins somehow made it through the arduous flight, but surgeons were left facing an ethical dilemma – do the operation and they could end up sacrificing one child for the sake of the other. With a one-in-four chance of survival, it was down to Moira to make the final decision.

This film follows the twins' emotional journey around Australia to see whether they can both survive the painstaking surgery they need to lead normal lives.