5 top tips for making hair grow faster

Want to have long luscious locks, but your mop just doesn’t seem to be getting any longer? Celeb hairdresser, Jamie Stevens, has some top tips to share. With clients that have included Kylie, Elle Macpherson and Gok Wan, this man assures you glowing locks if you pay attention.

How to make your hair grown faster

Here's some advice from celeb crimper Jamie Stevens...

1. Eat well

Vitamins are essential for hair growth so have leafy green veg, fresh fruit and oily fish at least once every couple of days.

2. Hair supplements

If you really can’t face fruit and veg, supplement your diet with a hair vitamin. I like Herb UK’s Hair Supplement as it contains Vegetable Thiamin HCI, Niacin, Pantothenic Acid, Vitamin B6, Folic Acid, and Vitamin B12.

3. Don’t overuse heat appliances

Don’t use hairdryers and irons every day and always use a heat protection product such as Matrix Design Pulse Heat Protection Product Iron-In .

4. If you look after your hair well, you can leave longer between haircuts

Keep it well conditioned with treatments as least once a week and you’ll be less prone to split ends. But don’t let it get out of shape – hair’s like a fabric and once it starts to fray you need to cut off more, it’s a fine line! Make sure your hairdresser knows you’re growing your hair so you’re on the same wavelength – if they cut off the same amount every 6 weeks it’s never going to get any longer!

5. Use a salon professional shampoo and conditioner

Cheaper high street products usually have a lot of silicon in them which makes hair feel smooth but actually causes a build up, coats the hair and makes it difficult for treatments to penetrate the hair shaft, ultimately resulting in dull weakened hair.

Ask your hairdresser to recommend one, they’re fortified with better ingredients and while they are more expensive they’re also more concentrated so you don’t need to use as much.

Try Matrix Total Results Amplify shampoo and conditioner which cleanses and adds lightweight volume, provides continuous lifting power, and delivers instant body all-over for thicker looking hair.