Host a clothes swap

Drugs, sex and rock ‘n’ roll? Yawn. The swinging sixties is so last season. This year it’s all about swishing, the free, fabulous, friendly and completely legal way to get high. Time to get together and swap your old frocks.

Clothes swap

What is swishing?

A meeting involving three or more people with clothes to swap – no money involved.

Why swish?

Swishing is feel good fun and environmentally friendly. We’re all bored of minding our pennies and a new outfit or handbag is an instant boost. It's the perfect way to get a new wardrobe and go easy on you pocket.

What you will need to host a swishing party?

  • Garment racks

  • Hangers

  • Labels


  • Mirrors

  • Mannequins

  • An area to be converted into a changing room

How does it work?

If you bring one item, you take another item home. If you bring two items, you take two items home. To keep things organised, you could introduce a stamp system to keep track of how many items guests can take home.

If you're worried about bringing a Gucci dress and going home with a Primark t-shirt, then introduce a point system. Keep it simple and have 3 colour stickers signalling different "price" points. For example:

  • Red (could be high street) = 5 points
  • Blue (could be vintage) = 10 points
  • Yellow (could be designer) = 15 points

Swishing rules

  • Clothing must be in good condition – NO dirty undies please! Cleaned, ironed and preferably on hangers.

  • Agree on a point system before-hand

  • If one item proves very popular, devise a raffle system to decide the winner

  • No fighting, spitting or name calling

Swishing party tips

  • Make a proper party out of it by asking your friends to choose their favourite songs and creating a playlist from their choices. If you’re providing refreshments, you could charge £3 per person to avoid stomaching all the costs.

  • Spread the word – by Twitter, Facebook or even an ad in a local newspaper if you want a spectacular spot of swishing!

  • If you know a good dressmaker, invite them along to give out free tips – and their business card. It doesn’t have to be just about clothes. Think accessories, shoes or even linen. Just be specific on the invitation.

  • Bag up any unwanted items and take them to your local charity shop.

Happy swishing!