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Callum Stewart Football

How good is this season’s premier league? No but I mean really. It’s just unbelievable. Liverpool were 25/1 to win the league at the start of the season. They still have it all to do though, especially the Chelsea game. My god!

That is going to be a good game. You can imagine Mourinho will be up to his old tactics. Starting with three strikers on the team sheet only for one of them to get ‘mysteriously injured’ in the warm up and be replaced by…… a defender? He is great at that though, isn’t he? The mind games will be great too! He is loved by his players, almost looked at as a god. I recently read Zlatan’s autobiography and he said he would run over fire for the guy. This - coming from a guy that hates authority.

Saying that, the premiership isn’t the only league that is looking tasty. So is the Spanish league table just now. Barca last lost three games in a row 11 years ago…. I mean come on! And they still aren’t out of it. I really hope Atletico win it though. They have a great team mentality, a great young coach and skilful players that would run through walls for each other. Diego Costa showed that when he pretty much broke his leg getting the second goal for them against Getafe. He’ll be off to Chelsea next season I think.

Anyway, watch this space but it’s shaping up to be a great couple of weeks of football both home and abroad.