Callum: A Bit About Me...

Multi-linguist, purveyor of (bag) pipes, marketeer, football fanatic and REALLY's biggest fan - all hail Callum Stewart!

A bit about me... Callum Stewart

A bit about myself then. I’m Callum, I work in the Really team in marketing. I’m originally from Glasgow in Scotland but have been working down in London since 2012. Absolutely love it here.

My original degree was in Product Design and I spent my third year of that in Germany doing design. I also started playing for a German football team Anker Wismar when I was there. As well as studying in Germany I also did an internship with a designer –Nacho Carbonell – after my degree in Eindhoven in Holland. Sadly, I didn’t pick up any of the Dutch language... They’re just too good at English.

I also played football for a team in Eindhoven – VV Nieuw Woensel. What a team. You can tell why the Dutch made it to the last world cup final. I do love football. My team is back up in Glasgow – Partick Thistle. They also play lovely passing football. This season has been difficult though as we have dropped something like 22 points from winning positions. And we got pumped by Celtic the other week there.

Anyway, I went off on a tangent there. Sorry. So, I went back to University after Holland to do my masters in Marketing and International business. It was very different but was the right choice as it led to me coming to London. I was at Channel 4 for the Paralympics and that was when I realised I wanted to work in TV. And now I am here.

I play the bagpipes, like to think I can speak Italian and German and am an all-round ‘game changer’ (as one of my team mates once called me. Ha!). Also, FYI, I'm more than partial to a bit of pepper on my food and love a good triathlon.