Callum Stewart: 'The thing about REALLY? It's REALLY good!'

Our blogger-in-chief on the mind-bogglingly brilliant and bonkers world of REALLY TV...

Really TV reviewed by Callum Stewart

On 30 October 1925, John Logie Baird made the first transmission of a moving image of a human face by television. Before using a real person however, Baird experimented with a ventriloquist’s dummy called Stooky Bill. Fascinating eh? Since then there has been a fair amount of crap on television, that’s just science.

I have found a few absolute crackers on Really though. Anything fronted by Louis Theroux is always an easy win. It’s the faces he pulls that get me. Also, what normal person wants to go and hang out in Miami's mega jail or have dinner with America’s most racist family? I don’t, but I would watch someone doing it.

Also have you seen and Traffic Cops lately? The show's premise is pretty straightforward. It’s a documentary about the British traffic police and how they are keeping order on Britain’s busiest roads. I suppose in the same way Helicopter Heroes are the ‘traffic cops’ of the skies. The one difference being that one helps people whereas the other slows them down.

Until 1987, there were no television broadcasts in Iceland on Thursdays. I am glad that has now changed. I’m just thinking that they wouldn’t want to miss out on the amazing Is that a nail in your head? It’s absolutely mental and if you are up for telly that’s mind-bogglingly brill and bonkers, then why not try it? It’s the type of thing you HAVE to watch. There’s a snake who swallowed an electric blanket, a woman who was stalked (yes, stalked) by a turkey and a Blue Marlin attack involving a breast implant. What’s not to like? Not necessarily BAFTA fodder but top TV nonetheless. In another episode, a heavily pregnant woman fell down stairs and impaled herself on a microphone stand, (ouch). Thankfully she was ok, and so was the baby. In my view, she was missing a trick not calling the baby ‘Mike.’

If you want something a bit more laid back, a bit more touchy/feely/fondly/hand down the bra type of show then why not go for Escape to the Country... ‘Nuff said.

This should give you a teaser of my taste in television. Just waiting for them to commission a show about cooking in prison, then my Friday night would be complete. #DreamFullyRealised