Callum Stewart: Why all this Selfie obsession?

As his number one bugbear, posting a 'Selfie' is the most likely thing to get you de-friended or unfollowed by REALLY's resident blogger, Callum Stewart.

Selfie Obsession

The Selfie has arguably become the biggest photographic trend of all time but is it a harmless fad or a dangerous sign of our growing narcissism? Everyone’s at it! From Barack Obama to Kim Kardashian and just about every reality TV ‘star’ going.

And it would appear Chelsea fans aren’t immune either. Just the other week, a fan took a Selfie as Frank Lampard was taking a penalty against Stoke. There’s a time and a place, mate. #Inappropriate

What about the people who take Selfies in club toilets? That’s mental. It’s like saying ‘Hey guys! I know I’m not that attractive but let’s try to enhance my beauty by standing next to a Dyson hand drier.’ Yeah, coz that’ll work.

The thing for breast cancer on Facebook was OK. It was for a very good cause. Although, in some cases, it did turn into a bit of a vanity project where Selfies ended up being captioned with faux-modest statements such as, “I don’t usually photograph well without makeup and I’m really embarrassed but because I’ve been forced to do it by my friends and it’s for a good cause, ok, go on then….” Cue self-validation in the form of a zillion compliments.

I think for the next Selfie phase, we need to turn it on its head. I want to see girls on Facebook pulling shapes like Heath Ledger in the Dark Knight. Can you imagine that? “It’s taken 17 hours, my skin hasn’t seen sunlight properly and the fumes are going to my head but it’s for a good cause.” Hmmm - I can’t quite see that taking off somehow.

I’m not done just yet! Don’t get me started on Ellen’s cheeky Selfie from the Oscars. It instantly became the most retweeted pic ever and almost single-handedly broke the Internet! You think that lot would be sick of seeing their own faces everywhere. But no, they’re hooked on papping themselves too.

Speaking of the Oscars, what a night! Sadly not for Leo though, I was gutted for him. After two decades of stellar performances, the poor chap still doesn’t have an Academy Award. Poor guy! I’m sure he sleeps just fine though. By jetting off on a Caribbean jolly with a couple of supermodels in tow, he did what any sensible bloke would do. Ah, to be a fly on the wall of that catamaran eh? The phrase ‘#lad’ springs to mind.