Cold Justice

Follow our two top-notch female investigators as they dig into murder cases that have lingered for years without answers and closure.

Cold Justice

Cold justice New Season

In towns across America, both large and small, there are thousands of unsolved murder cases that have gone cold. With the right resources, though, it is possible that many of these cold cases can be re-opened and solved, bringing dangerous criminals to justice and providing closure for the families of their victims.

In Really's Cold Justice, Kelly Siegler, a former Texas prosecutor for 21 years who has successfully tried 68 murder cases, and Yolanda McClary, a former crime scene investigator who worked more than 7,000 cases in her 26 years at the Las Vegas Police Department, are putting their vast knowledge and experience to work helping local law-enforcement officers and families of the victims get to the truth.

With a fresh set of eyes on old evidence, well-honed interrogation skills and access to advanced DNA technology and lab testing, Siegler and McClary are determined to help bring about a legal and emotional resolution. Taking on a different unsolved murder each week, they work alongside local law enforcement, as they together carefully re-examine evidence, question suspects and witnesses, and chase down leads in an attempt to solve these cases, bring justice to the criminals and some closure for the victims’ families.