About Conviction

In a series of powerfully honest and engrossing interviews, Victorian detectives relive the hunt for the killer of Melbourne ABC staffer, Jill Meagher, whose disappearance in September 2012 sparked a social media frenzy and galvanised a national outpouring of emotion.


When ABC staffer Jill Meagher failed to return home after a night out with colleagues in September 2012, the first alarm bells rang on Facebook as her husband canvassed their friends.

Jill, after all, had just 450 metres to walk home to the apartment they shared, from the inner-Melbourne bar the group had chosen.

Born in Ireland, but raised in Australia, Jill was 28 years old and the picture of beautiful and youthful innocence. Social media quickly embraced her disappearance: the "Find Jill Meagher" campaign became the backdrop against which police worked to identify and pursue her killer. When the mainstream media caught up, Jill's image and story dominated front pages and broadcast news bulletins. A nation's voice was raised, calling for answers and swift justice.

This riveting drama follows the high-profile murder investigation that began without a body or a crime scene, and unfolds piece by piece. These steps reveal the often painstaking and sometimes inspired steps that must be taken to find, catch and convict a killer.

The men and women who looked for clues to explain Jill Meagher's failure to arrive home and and how they followed their instincts to a man in a blue hoodie seen in grainy CCTV images. This was the killer they were after, and their accounts show how they are obviously deeply affected by what they came to see and learn.

Once they found the clues to the mystery, they pinned their suspicions on Adrian Bayley - a man who was on parole and also on bail for aggravated assault at the time of her murder.

For Detective Sergeant Paul Rowe, it was he who spent the long hours in the interview room that began with the killer's cocky assertion that they had the wrong ma - but Rowe would systematically work him towards his eventual breakdown and confession.

As well as the step-by-step intrigue of just how detectives identified, tracked, caught and convicted Jill Meagher's killer, 'Conviction' offers rare insight into the police who are charged with providing justice in a murder investigation. Once on a case, homicide detectives can work excruciatingly long hours. The path ahead is very often far from straightforward. Investigators are sometimes forced to take actions they come to regret. Each case can take a huge toll on personal wellbeing and home and family life.

Conviction takes viewers into the inner world of the homicide squad as they hunt a vicious killer. In a case that initially had no victim, no crime scene and few clues, the investigation began against the backdrop of a social media outcry that quickly became a frenzy, threatening to sweep aside police efforts and even undermine the court process once the killer was caught.