Christopher Berry-Dee


Christopher Berry-Dee

Criminologist Christopher Berry-Dee

Expertise - Serial Homicide

Chris was a former Royal Marine intelligence officer. He is now a criminologist who has interviewed over 30 serial killers. He says he gets inside their heads and forms a relationship with them to understand why they do what they do. Chris has been to four executions but says his work doesn't effect him emotionally: "you have to become as cold as the serial killers I'm working with, serial killers are highly manipulative." He has had relationships with some killers over many years - to the point where they often open up to him and tell him things they don't tell police. Chris says some of the killers believe he is their friend.

He says to do what he does you almost have to have two personalities, a bit like Jekyll and Hyde: "at home I'm a family man but at work I have to be cold and detached to be able to work in that dark and dangerous world. To understand a serial killer you have to think like one - show no emotion and get on their level."

Chris interviewed Peter Sutcliffe, aka "The Yorkshire Ripper", and also visited and exchanged letters with Joanna Dennehy who he described as extremely manipulative.

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