Unbelievable Death Row Last Meal Requests

Death Row Last Meal Requests

Unbelievable Death Row Last Meal Requests

Inmates on death row are granted one last meal before they meet their end. We've compiled some of the most outrageous last meal requests. What would you ask for?

Ted Bundy

Ted Bundy was an American serial killer, kidnapper, rapist and necrophile and he was famously electrocuted for over 35 counts of murder. Bundy declined a last meal of his choice, so he was sent the prison standard: steak, eggs, hash browns, toast, milk and juice.

Peter Kurten

Peter Kürten, also known as both The Vampire of Dusseldorf and the Dusseldorf monster, was convicted for a number of sexual assaults and murders in the city of Düsseldorf, Kürten was sentenced to death by guillotine. Kürten's final meal request wasn't that unusual and consisted of a Wiener schnitzel, fried potatoes and white wine, but the "Düsseldorf Monster" actually had the audacity to ask for a second helping - and received it!

James Edward Smith

James Edward Smith was convicted of murder, after he shot and killed Larry D. Rohus during a robbery. When being asked what Smith wanted as his final meal, he asked for a lump of dirt. This request was denied, and James Edward Smith finally settled for a pot of yoghurt.

Timothy McVeigh

Timothy McVeigh was the mass murderer responsible for the Oklahoma City bombing. Before he was executed by lethal injection, McVeigh requested a meal that consisted of just two pints of mint chocolate-chip ice cream.

Jonathan Nobles

Nobles was convicted for the murder of two young women in 1986. Before his execution in 1998, Nobles had decided to become a devout Christian. For his final meal, Nobles requested the Eucharist, also known as Holy Communion, which consists of consecrated bread and wine.

Victor Feguer

Victor Feguer was hanged in 1963 for both kidnapping and murder and was the last person put to death in the state of Iowa. For Victor's last meal, he requested a single olive with the pit still in it, with the hopes that it would grow into an olive tree from inside his body.

Robbie Lee Gardner

Gardner was convicted of two counts of murder in 1985, and executed by firing squad 25 years later in 2010. Gardner fasted from food in the 36 hours leading up to his death, drinking only liquids. His final meal request was pretty standard and consisted of lobster tail, steak, vanilla ice cream and apple pie. Along with the meal, Gardner also made a specific request that he be able to eat his meal while watching the Lord of the Rings trilogy.

William Bonin

Bonin, also known as the "Freeway Killer", was convicted of the rape and murder of 21 boys and young man, and is suspected to have had even more victims than those he was sentenced for. William's final meal was filling to say the least, consisting of two pepperoni pizzas and three helpings of chocolate ice cream. It was said that Bonin wanted to die of diabetes before the lethal injection though, as he consumed eighteen servings of Coca-Cola and Pepsi right before his execution.

Lawrence Russell Brewer

Brewer single handedly ruined the 'final meal' for every inmate on death row in Texas, after his well known request before his execution. Brewer asked for a staggering menu of two chicken fried steaks, a triple bacon cheeseburger, fried okra, three fajitas, a meat lover's pizza, a pint of ice cream and a huge slab of peanut butter fudge with crushed peanuts. His gut-busting request was granted, but after the meal arrived Brewer told prison officials he was not hungry and declined to eat a single bite. This led to the state of Texas ending the tradition of offering inmates last meal requests.

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