Kerry Daynes

Forensic Psychologist

Kerry Daynes

Kerry Daynes - Forensic Psychologist

Expertise - Murder crimes, sex crimes and paedophiles

After an extensive career working in medium secure services, assessing people before conviction as well as assessing prisoners in Broadmoor, Kerry says she now feels compassion and sees everyone she works with as human beings.

In the past Kerry had some dangerous moments, her first job aged just 21 she worked with men who had raped and murdered women. She has experienced people being sexually inappropriate to her but says the key is to not look shocked.

She has worked with extreme psychopaths, but says the hardest part is working with people who commit crimes due to mental illness who didn't realise what they were doing.

According to Kerry, the lows of forensic work is that she is confronted with inhumanity, which she says is difficult and overwhelming and spurs her to look for positives and avoid being overwhelmed by the horror. However, the positives of the job outweigh the negatives and Kerry enjoys seeing people completely turn their life around. She says her job is not all doom and gloom.

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