Lesley Warren

NAME: Lesley Eugene Warren


SPAN OF KILLINGS: 1987 - 1990


SENTENCE: Sentenced to death in North Carolina in 1995

DATE OF BIRTH: 15/10/1967

CURRENT STATUS: On death row

MORE INFO: Lesley Eugene Warren met Patsy Vineyard at a bar in 1987 while her husband was out of town. They then allegedly went to the then-abandoned Madison Barracks where Warren strangled her and threw her body into the Black River. Warren was not tried for Patsy's murder but he did receive a life sentence for killing Velma Gray and the murders of Jayme Hurley and Katherine Johnson. Investigators believe that he is responsible for at least eight to ten other murders of women. Warren only killed female victims who were good-looking and white from the ages of 20 to 40. Usually Warren killed his victims close to where he was living at the time. Though he used a gun to threaten the women, he ultimately strangled each one to death and was known as "The Babyface Killer".

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