Top 10 deadly duos

From cold-blooded couples to brutal bromances, these are the twosomes who carved their names into the history books for all the wrongest reasons.

Top 10 deadly duos

Bonnie and Clyde

Bonnie and Clyde robbed their way across Depression-era America and have been immortalised as the ultimate crime couple. Police officers and innocent members of the public were gunned down by their gang, but most historians agree Bonnie herself didn't kill anyone. She was very much a part of the posse, though, and was shot to death alongside her beloved in a police ambush that left their car looking like Swiss cheese.

The Moors Murderers

Ian Brady and Myra Hindley were an apparently ordinary young couple who led an unthinkable double life. Fascinated by Nazism and sadism, the couple stalked, kidnapped and killed five children in the 1960s, even being so callous as to return to the burial sites to pose and take snaps. Their black-and-white mugshots made them icons of evil and the most despised couple in the country.

The Ken and Barbie Killers

Paul Bernardo and Karla Homolka earned their ominous nickname thanks to their glowing, wholesome good looks. But this golden couple were revealed to be among Canada's worst killers. Bernardo was a brutal rapist who actually coerced Karla into drugging her own young sister and letting him assault her. She died during her ordeal, and the pair went on to rape and kill again and again before they were finally caged.

Leopold and Loeb

It was dubbed the "trial of the century" when Nathan Leopold and Richard Loeb were hauled into court for their 1920s murder of a teenage boy. They were brilliant, clean-cut young men – Leopold had been a child prodigy with genius-level IQ, for example. But they were also bent on executing the "perfect crime", which meant luring a 14-year-old into their car and stabbing him to death with a chisel. Loeb was later killed in prison, but Leopold was paroled 33 years later, going on to work in a hospital.

Burke and Hare

In the murky alleys of Edinburgh in the 1820s, Burke and Hare plied their vicious trade. The friends would murder innocent people – from old ladies to helpless children – and sell their bodies to a local surgeon who needed bodies to dissect in medical lectures. It's a story so bizarre we still remember it today, but only Burke paid the ultimate price – being hanged on a rainy day in front of a 20,000-strong crowd. Hare was released after testifying against his brutal buddy, and where he ended up remains a mystery to this day.

The Krays

They were the brothers who ruled East London's gangland in the 50s and 60s, but Ronnie and Reggie Kray weren't just mobsters. They were full-on celebrities, mixing with the likes of Frank Sinatra and other A-listers of the day. Their glitzy lifestyles came to an end when they were imprisoned for two murders (one in full view of drinkers in a London pub). Ronnie eventually died in Broadmoor, while Reggie languished in jail until he was released on compassionate grounds as he was dying from cancer.

Lake and Ng

Leonard Lake and Charles Ng were two of America's most depraved men. Both former marines, they forged a friendship based on sadism and evil, shacking up in a ranch that served as a torture chamber for the many people they kidnapped, raped and killed. Whole families were wiped out before they were caught by one simple error: Charles Ng shoplifting in a DIY store. Lake killed himself with a cyanide pill, while Ng was destined to take his place on death row.

The Columbine Killers

There have been school massacres before and since, but Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold's rampage through the corridors of Columbine High School remains the most notorious of them all. Caught on camera, decked out with weapons, casually strolling around shooting their fellow students – loudly proclaiming their hatred for jocks in particular – the pair eventually killed themselves. The tragedy has haunted America ever since.

The Lonely Hearts Killers

Raymond Fernandez was a World War Two veteran who believed he had powers of black magic over women. His M.O. was to answer lonely hearts ads in newspapers in order to swindle and rob women, but things got worse when he contacted Martha Beck, who became his partner-in-crime, posing as his sister to the women they contacted and eventually murdered. They were eventually caught and sent to the electric chair. Among Martha's last words: "My story is a love story."

Fred and Rose West

Fred and Rose West were a match made in hell. Both hailed from abusive families, and they carried on the cycle of violence in their own horrendous household. Here, they tortured and raped a string of young women and girls, including their own family members. Fred later hanged himself in prison, while Rose is serving a whole life sentence. In a bizarre twist, she became briefly engaged to a former guitarist from rock band Slade. No joke.