10 Things You Need To Know About Losing Weight

At any one time in Britain, around 10 million people are attempting to lose weight, with most of them failing miserably.

Losing weight

These depressing statistics are coupled with constant advice about dieting, slimming and exercise. Even more confusing, this advice is often conflicting.

Surgery, pills, celebrity fad diets, exercise gimmicks... we are bombarded with information from the media about what the best way to lose weight is. This programme teaches us about what actually does work - and in a sensible way. There's not a crash diet or abs toning machine in sight.

Medical journalist Michael Mosley investigates the most recent scientific breakthroughs in slimming, revealing 10 of the simplest ways you can shed those pounds. What he teaches us through this show could completely change the way you look at dieting.

Michael doesn't look overweight at all, but tests reveal that he has a worrying amount of fat around his kidneys and liver which he seriously needs to lose. Trying out the scientific tips that Michael suggests, he ends up getting rid of the extra fat and ultimately prolonging his life.

Radio presenter Amy Lame, who hates dieting and exercising, learns how small changes to her daily lifestyle can significantly burn those extra calories.

And Blur bassist turned professional cheese maker Alex James tries out an amazing scientific discovery - that low-fat dairy products can help you excrete more fat from all your food. Excellent news for all you cheese lovers!

We find out the secret to staying fuller for longer and how to change your metabolism rates. Losing weight without the hardship can so easily be achieved and this show is a great place to start learning how.