Top Ten Budget Super-Foods

They say you are what you eat. What does that make you? A cheese feast pizza with extra pepperoni? Pre-packed lasagne? Hmm. Not a great look. We all know a healthy diet is essential for good health, but does that mean spending a fortune on expensive produce? Not at all. Believe it or not, some of the cheapest foods are also the healthiest.


Fresh and organic food can be expensive but that's no excuse for eating unhealthily. Frozen or tinned fruit and veg are a very good alternative to fresh, plus they keep for loads longer. If you prefer (and can afford) to buy fresh, always choose produce in season, ideally grown locally. And always look out for special offers. We've listed our favourite foods for staying healthy without breaking the bank. So listen up.

1. Bananas

The average banana costs 20p. Compare this to a chocolate bar or packet of crisps and before you've even considered the health benefits, you're already on to a winner. Bananas are the perfect snack, they have loads of energising vitamins and minerals and keep you feeling full for ages. We love: Baked bananas. Wrap them in foil and throw them on the barbecue. Flavour with honey or cinnamon.

2. Oats

Oats are a great slow-release carb, plus they're cheap, versatile and help to control your appetite by regulating glucose levels. Bake flapjacks made with honey or make your own muesli mixing oats with bran or wheat flakes. We love: Porridge. Add raisins, seeds and nuts for a bit of variety and breakfast will never be boring again.

3. Rice

Risotto, rice pudding, chilli-con-carne, stir-fries, curries - the list of rice recipes is endless. You only have to look at Asian and African cooking to see the versatility of rice. It's a low-fat, high energy food that costs virtually nothing. We love: Vegetarian sushi. Roll your own using nori seaweed and wrap around little bits of vegetables.

4. Canned Fish

If you want shiny hair and glowing skin, make sure you're getting a good dose of omega 3 oils. These are found in sardines, mackerel, salmon and other oily fish and are also supposed to boost brainpower. Oily fish is a great source of protein and high in vitamins A, D and calcium. We love: Sardines on toast. Simple and classic.