The truth about... Carol Vorderman's 28-Day Detox Diet The truth about... Carol Vorderman's 28-Day Detox Diet

Carol was an intelligent but decidedly frumpy presenter on Countdown before she tried dietician Ko Chohan's detox diet. Seemingly overnight, it transformed her into the svelte catsuited stunner we see today.


Cue Carol's foray into diet guide publishing, the highly successful 28-Day Detox Diet video and a couple of equally successful books in which Carol explains, in her typically down-to-earth fashion, how she always manages to look so amazingly slim, glowing and sparkly.

The theory

Detox diets are supposed to rid our bodies of the toxins that naturally build up in them due to the air we breathe and the food and drink we consume. As a short term blitz rather than a lifelong plan, Carol's diet aims to remove these toxins from the body to kick-start a healthier approach to eating. Her diet promises an overall improvement in health and well-being with weight loss achieved as just a happy side effect. Dieters will be waving goodbye to wheat, sugar, meat, dairy, additives, caffeine, alcohol and cigarettes, and saying hello to two litres of water a day, veg, fruit and grains like millet and bulgar wheat.

The upside

Carol's diet is choc full of vitamins because of all the fruit and veg it includes. Cutting out caffeine, sugar and alcohol means you'll have more energy and even an improved sex drive!

The downside

Many dieticians and doctors believe that our bodies' specialised detoxifying organs, like the liver, lungs, kidneys and skin are perfectly capable of doing the job without having to resort to a diet plan. Strict detox diets in the long term can lead to nutrient deficiencies - the lack of dairy in Carol's diet, for example, could lead to a calcium deficiency.

So does it work?

This is a total slog of a diet to stick to, but if you can manage it, you can look forward to clearer skin, increased energy and a reduction in cellulite. It could even help reprogram the way you think, so you'll eat more healthily even after you've finished the plan.