The DIY SOS team are a group of professionals who take on incomplete DIY projects and finish them, giving families the houses of their dreams.


DIY SOS consists of a team of professionals who make amazing transformations. The team are:

Nick Knowles

Nick is the presentor of the show, and although he's the only person in the team who isn't actually a builder what he lacks in construction expertise he makes up for with his witty banter, fun personality and pure hard work. Nick has also presented other shows such as Uk's Worst City Hospitals, Holiday Hit Squad and Real Rescues.

Mark Millar

Mark is the build manager and has been a carpenter since the late 1970's, working throughout Europe, the United States and the United Kingdom. Being the build manager he has to schedule the teams workload to fit into just nine days! Nevertheless he will always throw himself into a project and his energy is everlasting.

Chris Frediani

Chris is the team plasterer from Devon, working his way right from the bottom to the top of the plastering industry, leading to him becoming one of Britain's most versatile plasterers. He's a very home based man, which explains why he puts so much effort into making other people's homes as amazing as he can.

Julian Berryman

Julian is the most widespread construction worker on the team, often helping Chris with the big plastering projects, always finding something to laugh about along the way. Starting his building career at 16 by helping his father build houses, Julian has a deep knowledge of both traditional and modern properties and is always able to add his expertise.

Billy Byrne

Billy, the self proclaimed Prince of Darkness, is the team joker, even if he's often on the receiving end of these jokes. He's been in the lighting industry for almost 50 years! which gives him a huge amount of experience when it comes to choosing, wiring and fitting lights, and the team wouldn't be the same without him.