About Embarrassing Bodies

Doctors Christian Jessen, Pixie McKenna and Dawn Harper take to the road in their mobile medical clinic. What will they uncover?!

Embarrassing Bodies

Are you sitting comfortably? No? Well this medical series is absolutely perfect for you then. Doctors Christian Jessen, Pixie McKenna and Dawn Harper take their mobile medical clinic back on the road to examine some of the country's most embarrassing bodily issues - from mystery rashes to sexual dysfunction and even misshapen penises.

This series, the doctors refer patients with all manner of issues to mental health specialistswho can properly treat cases that range from night terrors to debilitating phobias.

And 'Living With' takes an intimate look at conditions from Parkinson's to Cerebral Palsy, answering the questions we are often too embarrassed to ask.

So don’t be ashamed about any weird body bits or behaviours you might have – get your doctor to clear up any questions you might have, or get on the show and share it with the nation!

What’s happening this series…

Episode 1 | Cardiff

Dr Christian meets a man with a bent penis which needs straightening out. Dr Pixie and Dr Dawn take the mobile clinic to Cardiff offering advice on flatulence. And Dr James Russell's pop-up dental clinic is inundated with nasty gnashers needing nurturing.

Episode 2 | London

The doctors hit the streets of London to investigate how stress affects so many people's health and their sex lives. They also treat night terrors and problems with recurring mouth ulcers.

Episode 3 | Brighton

The doctors visit Brighton, where they get to the bottom of a bleeding anus and some pus filled tonsils. There's also advice for stag and hen parties on personal hygiene and safer drinking. And Dr Christian meets a patient who wants to have a realistic nipple after losing hers to breast cancer surgery.

Episode 4 | Hull

The doctors head to Hull to set up a breast check clinic. Dr Christian recommends a radical new cure for piles. And Dr Pixie meets a woman who has suffered from sweaty feet for over 20 years

Episode 5 | Nottingham

Dr Pixie meets 26-year-old John, who suffers from anal abscesses. He has already undergone 11 operations and hopes the team can finally find a solution to his painful problem.

Episode 6 | Belfast

Pixie encounters an unusual case of 'fish odour syndrome'. Dr Dawn helps a woman with inverted nipples. And the clinic visits Northern Ireland, where Dr Christian gives a Gaelic football team some handy hints on male hygiene.

Episode 7 | Glasgow

In Glasgow the doctors encounter a puss filled armpit and a spotty groin. And Dr Christian meets a man with a buried penis and tries to get to the bottom of penis size with the help of volunteers from a rugby team.

Episode 8 | Middlesbrough

In Middlesbrough Dr Dawn pays a house call to a young mother suffering from post natal depression, and a young woman comes to the clinic with a problem with her genitalia.

Episode 9 | Embarrassing Bodies: Back to the Clinic

The doctors revisit a young man who had a serious skin condition in his armpits and a woman who experienced severe pain during sex.

Episode 10 | Embarrassing Bodies

The doctors revisit a young man who couldn't sit down due to a painful anal abscess, and catch up with a lady whose sex life has made a full recovery from weakened pelvic muscles.

Episode 11 | Embarrassing Bodies

The Embarrassing Bodies team revisit more patients from previous clinics to catch up with the state of their health.

Episode 12 | Embarrassing Bodies: Back to the Clinic

The doctors revisit patients from previous shows to check on their progress, including Brigette, who complained she had a giant vagina, and a woman with black teeth. And viewers explain how watching the series persuaded them to seek help for their problems.