Nikki Grahame: "The women on Addicted to Boob jobs need a reality check!"

She's cute as a button, reality TV royalty and can always be relied upon to speak her mind. Yup, we can only be referring to Nikki Grahame. We caught up with lovely lass to get the skinny on her favourite REALLY shows, thoughts on body image and why she'd swerve Channing Tatum. Say what?!

Nikki Grahame

What do you tend to watch on the telly?

I love REALLY – I enjoy watching all your reality shows! I’m always watching Fat Surgeons. Although, I often find myself screeching at the telly when it’s on! These people need to eat healthily – weight loss is doable without having to resort to drastic measures like gastric bands! Want my advice? Put down the pizza and jump on a treadmill. It’s amazing what you can achieve with a little discipline and will power. Laziness and greediness are not good traits!

How do you feel about weight loss surgery?

Weight loss surgery on the NHS is such a waste of government money. Especially when there are people out there with incurable illnesses - they need all the financial help and support they can get! I think taxpayers' money would be better spent on cancer research and hospices. As somebody who has had with an eating disorder in the past, I do empathise with people who struggle with emotional eating. I just worry that some of these people see weight loss surgery as a quick fix!

What about the patients on Fat Surgeons who are overweight through no fault of their own?

I do feel sorry for the patients on Fat Surgeons who are morbidly obese due to a pre-existing medical condition. The doctors on the show seem responsible – they’re always giving the patients sensible advice. I just hope the patients follow their advice post-surgery.

How are you feeling about your weight these days?

I’m in a good place at the moment. I’m content with how I look and have a lovely, caring network of family and friends. Christmas used to be a nightmare for me in the past with all those tempting treats but now I have a far healthier attitude towards food.

Tell us about your breast augmentation...

I had a breast augmentation years ago. This was because my boobs never grew. My eating disorder meant my growth was stunted and my body never really developed beyond the age of eleven. I watched your show Addicted to Boob Jobs and couldn't believe it! People who have boob job after boob job are narcissistic and self-obsessed. There are other ways to be individual. You don’t need big boobs to get noticed. However, I understand why someone might get surgery for medical issues.

If I was the surgeon on Addicted to Boob Jobs, I’d sit these girls down and give them a good talking to! Maybe suggest some therapy to help boost their confidence? There is no way I’d operate on them! These shows are great though, they get you talking and it’s always riveting to watch the lengths people will go to in order to feel better about their lives.

Speaking of plastic surgery... Which celebrities do you think have taken it too far?

Alicia Douvall looks grotesque. She has had too much work done. Why would you put yourself through that kind of trauma? Going repeatedly under a general anaesthetic is dangerous and no laughing matter.

What are your plans for Christmas?

I’m going to spend it with family and then I’m off to waitress in France for six months. I’ve just sold my house and having a new one built so I thought I’d go abroad whilst I’m waiting. I’m hoping to come back speaking fluent French with a French boy on my arm. I love a French accent and I’m very much single and looking to mingle.

Any celebrity you'd like to find in your stocking?

Everyone seems to fancy Channing Tatum. If someone gave me Channing Tatum gift-wrapped for Christmas, I’d send him back. Yuck! He’s far too brawny for me. Give me a skinny indie boy or Johnny Depp and I’m happy.

You can watch Addicted to Boob Jobs HERE .

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