Fat Surgeons

Follow two of Britain’s most sought after Bariatric experts, Shaw Somers and Chris Pring, and their patients, on their remarkable journeys as they undergo weight loss surgery, cope with the after effects, and try to rebuild their lives whilst battling their food demons.

Fat Surgeons

Fat Surgeons

Episode 1

Meet Guy Poingdestre and Irene Footer. Guy has lost an incredible 19 stone since he had a gastric bypass in 2007. Guy's life had hit rock bottom due to a condition called sleep apnoea suffered by obese people, and he lost his job as a bus driver, which made his eating habits even worse. Following surgery, he is still losing weight four years later and has now found love!

Meanwhile, Irene’s been a 'weight watcher for' the last 30 years – she's tried everything. With a BMI of 47, Irene is desperate to lose weight. She takes the plunge to undergo weight loss surgery, but as a lifelong food obsessive, how will she cope with her new tiny stomach?

Fat Surgeons

Episode 2

Martin Gibbs has lost 18.5 stone, and he has replaced his food addiction with a newfound passion for fitness and exercise - he has just completed the London to Brighton bike ride. We join him as he get measured for new suit. The difference is astonishing when the tailor pulls out his previous pre-surgery measurements for the suit he has made for his sister's wedding.

Meanwhile, Ian Whyte is fed up of being unable to do things because of his weight. Ian and his wife Sharon even had their 4 yearr old daughter, Annabel, through IVF because his weight had caused fertility issues. Now his biggest fear is that he won’t see his daughter go to school.

Fat Surgeons

Episode 3

At 28 stone, Chris Webber is a life-long dieter. His weight has been keeping him from meeting a woman. We catch up with Chris at his home in sunny Spain. His ambition is to take his grandchildren to a theme park – previously he’d always been too big to fit on a ride.

Meanwhile, at 23 years old, Rachel Edwards weighed over 25 stone and had endured a life time of abuse and bullying. We revisit Rachel who is now a proud mother of three. She ensures her children eat well – she doesn’t want them to go through what she endured. But how is her egg-sized stomach holding up?

Fat Surgeons

Episode 4

Andy Richardson (and brother Paul) weigh an enormous 42.5 stone combined! Andy goes in for gastric surgery, alongside his brother. He is now less that half the man he was and would be dead if he hadn't had the surgery.

There's also Julie Festusy, who has a BMI of 70 and is morbidly obese. Carrying the excess weight has taken its toll on Julie's body. She urgently needs a knee replacement, but for this operation she's been told she'll need to lose 70% of her weight. A gastric bypass performed by Shaw Somers is her only hope. Julie is also desperate to get back to Tanzania to see her husband, but at her current weight she’s unable to fit in an airplane seat.

Fat Surgeons

Episode 5

At 19 stone, Caroline is not only battling with her weight, she also has a large hernia. Caroline reckons she has been unable to get a job because the hernia sticks out so much, she gets mistaken for being pregnant. She has been turned down for surgery many times and feels desperate. But no one will operate on the hernia until she loses weight.

Gary is in urgent need of kidney transplant. His sister has offered him a kidney but at his current weight the procedure would be far too risky, so a gastric bypass to lose weight is his only hope. Will Gary’s Renal consultant be happy with his weight loss to accept the kidney donated by his sister and finally perform Gary’s kidney transplant?

Fat Surgeons

Episode 6

Dave is super morbidly obese. With a 6 foot 3 inch waist – he’s as wide as he is tall. He’s hoping a gastric bypass will help him loose half his body weight.

Carol is a life long food obsessive – she’s written over 80 cookery books, food was her life… but since having a gastric bypass 18 months ago she’s now lost over 6 stone, and with rails and rails of clothes that no longer fit its time for a clear out.

Fat Surgeons

Episode 7

For 37 stone single parent Ian McConnell it’s just the start of his weight loss journey – he’s about to have his stomach stapled to the size of an egg in an effort to curb his years over eating. Bariatric surgeon Chris Pring gives a talk a one of the patient support groups in Shoreham run by Dan Reaney. Dan knows only too well that weight loss surgery is no quick fix.

Fat Surgeons

Episode 8

30 year old chef Luke has been over-eating since he was teenager. With a young family to support hauling his obese body around is taking it’s toll on Luke and the family. He’s embarked upon an exercise program but it’s just not enough, surgery is his only hope to regain a healthy body weight.

27 year old Hannah just loves food, she says she can ‘eat til the cows come home’ but this is starting to affect her confidence and mobility and so she’s about to have a gastric band fitted by Shaw Somers, which she hopes will help her curb her over eating and get her back on the dance floor!

Fat Surgeons

Episode 9

38-year-old Shaun tips the scales at 37 stone. He’s practically housebound and with a son suffering from downs syndrome, he needs to get help so he can once again participate in family life.

On the Isle of Wight Vanessa is tired of being overweight and his hoping a gastic bypass with Shaw Somers will help her loose weight so she can be the blushing bride to fiancé Ben in two years time. Madeline Clark is half the woman she was after a gastric by pass 18 months ago - she’s a super slim size 10.

Fat Surgeons

Episode 10

Albert has a body mass index of 70, it’s been deemed too dangerous to operate on him at his current weight, so Chris Pring inserts a gastric balloon through the mouth and into the stomach while Albert is still conscious. The balloon will occupy half of Albert’s stomach for the next four months in the hope it will help loose enough weight to make a gastric by pass possible for months later.

30 year old Kim Streak has lost more than half her body weight after a gastric by pass just two years ago! In Cambridge Amanda was given just a few years to live. Confined to her bed, her son Simon was her main carer – but 5 years later it’s all changed and Amanda is a staggering 20 stone lighter!