The best of Ghost Adventures Series 12

Take a look at our favourite moments from the current series of Ghost Adventures. Have we missed out your favourite moment of the series so far? Let us know with #Frightday.

The Best of Ghost Adventures Series 12

Episode 1

Who can forget Billy re-enacting the struggle of getting home in the dead of night...pun intended. This was a golden moment from a brilliant first episode.

And don't worry if you ever have trouble pronouncing words. Zak showed from the get go that Spanish is not his strong suit.

Episode 2

This episode made us all aware that animals, especially cats, cannot be trusted while watching paranormal shows. It only takes one sudden move and you're jumping behind the sofa and crying in the corner. Maybe that was just us..

Episode 3

Some of the best evidence we have seen came in episode 3, when Zak and Jay investigate the Bracken Fern Manor. The use of the SLS camera and REM-POD together provided terrifying but amazing evidence.

At the same time Zak and Jay were gathering breath-taking evidence, Billy was getting a fright while using the Ovilus IV

This next moment was just perfectly awkward. We all know that one person who refuses to take a hint to leave. Although Russ had an amazing shirt, he really was an awkward man. Jay's reaction at the end of this clip just goes to prove this.

Episode 4

This piece of footage had us in shock and a constant state of paranoia. It's safe to say we have been watching our backs ever since this episode. Can you see the mysterious figure?

Unknown Figure

Episode 5

During the investigation of Locke, CA, Aaron and Zak notice a mark around Jay's neck as if he had been grabbed around the throat. Aaron also starts to feel very uneasy in this very scary series of events.

As always Zak gave us another classic moment. There's always one messy eater.

The SLS camera once again provided some amazing evidence that gave guest investigator Dylan Dreyer a fright.

Episode 6

Aaron provides some more quality humour comparing a ships horn to Zak's behind.

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