New Lockdowns We're Excited to See

A brand new series of Ghost Adventures is here on Really - but what are the lockdowns we're excited about? Well, we've got the answer for you, just take a look at our top five picks.

Ghost Adventures Series 14

Stone Lion Inn

It's true - we're even excited for the first episode. In this episode, the team take a look at the Stone Lion Inn, in Guthrie, Oklahoma. It's said that the owner performs Satanic rituals in the local cemetery and that the place is believed to be haunted.

Asylum 59

Zak and the team return to Tooele, Utah, to investigate a recently abandoned nursing home. This nursing home has ties to the 'Green Mile'. But this isn't the first time the team have been here. The nursing home has a corridor of darkness that shares the same building with Asylum 49 - a haunted attraction that was in operation during their lockdown of the Old Tooele Hospital in 2011.

Skinwalker Canyon

Zak and the team are given special permission from the Navajo Nation to investigate the Ojo Amarille Canyon - known to paranormal enthusiasts as Skinwalker Canyon.

Skinwalker Canyon is a place where many residents refuse to enter, as they believer there are shape-shifting creatures.

What will the team find on their lockdown?

Upper Fruitland Curse

The Ghost Adventures team head to Upper Fruitland in New Mexico, to help a family who believe they are troubled by a ghost. They explain to the team that they believe this ghost is a faceless young boy, before they begin an intense lockdown for the night.

The Viper Room

The team investigate the famous Viper Room in Hollywood's Sunset Strip. This nightclub is filled with sinister energy - from a famous former owner, a tragic death of a beloved actor and the unsolved disappearance of a business partner.

What will the team uncover in their lockdown?