How to pose like a model

Drop your chin, suck in your tummy and flirt with the camera - these top ten tips will make sure you're ready to turn on the charm whenever a lens finds you. So get the mirror out.

How to pose like a model

#1 Stand up straight

No one want to look at a slob. Hold you head up high but drop your shoulders and imagine that you have a string pulling you up from the top of your forehead. This will make your neck look longer.

#2 Stand at a ¾ angle to the camera

Lose pounds simply by rotating your body. This is the most flattering way to be photographed as it will make you look thinner.

#3 Hand on waist

Put one hand on your waist and let the other hang down the side of your body, preferably displaying your Miu Miu clutch. Celebs love working this pose on the red carpet, together with tip #4.

#4 Cross your legs

Standing or sitting, a lady should always cross her legs. When standing, cross one leg over in front the other to appear longer. When sitting, cross your legs and roll one hip up slightly so that most of your weight is resting on the underneath leg. Gorgeous.

#5 Highlight your best features

If you've got great rear assets, why not stand with your back to the camera and look lustfully over your shoulder? Oo-eer.

#6 Look through magazines

Models rarely have a silly grin on, so let your face do the talking. Be sultry, playful, sophisticated or thoughtful but always tell a story with your eyes. Imagine the camera is your new boyfriend. How would you look at him?

#7 Self criticise

There's only one way you're going to get this right. Print out your pics and examine your body positions, facial expressions, and overall appearance. If you're going to be a model, the first thing you need to do is get self-critical!

#8 Look away

Get an interesting shot by looking anywhere but directly at the lens. Look over your shoulder, into the distance, tilt your head or pretend you are talking to someone on the side. Be different.

#9 Keep hands off your face

Forget doing the 'pensive' look by putting one hand to your chin, or anything similar. It looks fake and nobody's buying it.

#10 Breathe!

If you've been busy paying strict attention to our wise advice, then you might have forgotten to breathe all this time. Never forget to breathe! Now you can relax, enjoy and have some fun.