Haunting Australia

Led by Robb Demarest, the Haunting: Australia team travel across the country unearthing ghostly evidence and seeking answers to often asked questions.

charlie Ghost adventures

The Haunting Australia Team where six accomplished ghost hunters travel across the country to investigate all kinds of ghost and paranormal activity and presences. This is taken charge by Robb Demarest who brings the team and audiences together seeking unanswered questions across many haunted buildings and places.

Each ghost hunter is challenged with their strengths and weaknesses therefore being pushed to the limit on beliefs and actions. This series takes the audience and the ghost hunter on a journey that a lot of the time can't be explained, dealing with the issues of violence, death, demons, abuse and many more on this terrifying roller-coaster.

Taking a leap of faith into the journey of the unknown watch these ghost hunter experts gain insight and a deeper understanding of the paranormal world.