In debt?

We all know it's good to talk things out with friends and family. But if you have a big problem, it's sometimes better to talk it through with someone who has been through what you're experiencing- and come out the other side. That's why we've teamed up with to create Really Helpful.

In debt?

So what exactly is horsesmouth?

horsesmouth is an online mentoring site for informal mentoring, created on the principle that everyone in life has something to give and gain. horsesmouth has a growing community of mentors willing and waiting to offer advice on virtually any topic and is a site that allows you to view and contact these kind strangers in a safe environment.

On you can become a mentor and use your own life experiences to help others, find or request a mentor to help you or simply browse the inspirational profiles and stories. The site is free and safe, with all interaction taking place through the hosted platform.

Who are Really Helpful mentors?

Mentors on are people just like you who have committed to being a mentor, offering their time and support to help others. You'll see Really Helpful mentors across the site - mentors who have been specially selected for their experience in body issues (including eating disorders and embarrassing illnesses), parenting and romantic relationships. Really Helpful mentors are drawn from the community of horsesmouth, as well as some of the people involved in bringing you Really programmes.

Mentoring - isn't that just for students?

horsesmouth is for everybody over the age of 16. As mentors profile on their own unique life experiences, the site has a wealth of experience on a range of subjects:

  • Relationships and family

  • Health and wellbeing

  • Beliefs and identity

  • Passions and talents

  • Home, money and finance

  • Citizenship, community and volunteering

Your rights & the law

Take some time to visit the site and browse the stories and profiles. Chances are you'll quickly find mentors you identify with and who could help you. If you have difficulty finding the right mentor then you can send a request to the whole community. You'll get a variety of quick responses, but some may just turn into meaningful mentoring relationships.

Why did Really and horsesmouth get together to form Really Helpful?

Some of the programmes we show on Really cover tough issues, from teenage peer pressure and eating disorders to mental health problems and parent-child relationships. We recognise that we may not have the answers to all the issues we raise in our programmes, but we'd like to support you by putting you in touch with people who have been through the same thing and who may be able to help. Our Really Helpful section of the site does just this, highlighting brilliant mentors and stories from horsesmouth and encouraging you to find a mentor of your own.