How to get rich quick!

Apparently, love makes the world go round. But a bit of extra cash wouldn't go amiss now and again, would it?

How to save money

If you've a penchant for the finer things in life, but know that the 9-5 isn't going to bring you riches beyond your wildest dreams, you might need to start thinking creatively. Remember, all our suggestions are just a bit of fun and not to be taken TOO seriously, but let us know if you strike it lucky!

1. Sing for your supper

And make a novelty record, enter Eurovision or be a "character" on Pop Idol. Someone's got to do it!

2. For richer, for poorer...

Do an Anna Nicole Smith and marry a millionaire, preferably an aging one. Just watch out for those bitter relatives...

3. Not just bricks and mortar

The property market has had more ups and downs than a see-saw but there's still money to be made if you are prepared to search for the next boom location or work on a property with potential.

4. Bright spark

Invent something the world really needs, such as tights which don't ladder, a TV remote control with a built-in tracking device, or biscuits that don't make crumbs in the bed - and watch the pounds pour in.

5. Life's a lottery

Maybe you can win it (well, someone has to!) but only if you buy a ticket. Increase the odds and form a syndicate at work or with your friends and family.