How to make more time

How often have you said 'If only I had more time?' Well, short of cloning yourself, you're stuck with 24 hours like the rest of us. But how you use it is up to you. By following our advice on getting those everyday chores done quicker, you'll leave more time for the really pleasurable things in life...

How to make more time

1. The early bird...

...catches the doctor, the dentist, the solicitor. Book medical, hair and other appointments for first thing in the morning - they always over-run so if you're at the end of the day, you're bound to be kept waiting a long time.

2. Get surfing

Whether it's groceries or lacy knickers you're after, you can save yourself the ordeal of crowds and queuing by shopping online. Virtually all high street stores and supermarkets offer a flexible delivery service so get clicking!

3. Be direct

Pay monthly household bills by direct debit. Saves you writing cheques and rummaging around for stamps. See your utility companies' websites for info. Online banking is also a godsend to keep your finances in order at the click of a finger.

4. Two birds with one stone

Hate travelling to work on the tube, bus or by car? Can't find time for those evening workouts? Why not cycle or run to work and save time, and money as well as toning those thighs and firming up the wobbly bum? And you'll feel more energised for the day ahead. Look into cycle routes on your local council website.

5. Box Clever

Never in for your favourite programmes? Look into getting a Personal Video Recorder like Sky+ or Tivo. Then you never need to worry about being free on any given day as your TV will automatically know what you want to watch and record it for another day.