How to upgrade your life

We're always being told we can upgrade, our phones, computers, cars, even flights. But how about our general lives?

Upgrade Your Life

You may not have a millionaire's budget, but you can still live a life of decadence, adventure and sheer pleasure with some creative thinking and by following a few golden rules. So say to hell with the humdrum and hello to the heavenly!

1. Buy the best you can afford

Not only do French women not get fat, but their wardrobes also look like a million euros too. Take a leaf out of their book and buy the very best your purse allows. A classic piece will last years and is a much better investment than a dozen cheap and cheerful items. And always stick to the Golden Rules - never skimp on boots, bags or coats!

2. Get what you want

There's no need to be a diva, but if you want a double skinny mocha espresso with extra foam to go, then ask for it! Likewise, if something you've ordered isn't quite right, take or send it back. It doesn't make you difficult, just discerning. Remember what your mum told you - if you don't ask, you don't get!

3. Don't settle for second best

In anything. No boyfriend is better than an 'OK' one, an instant cup of coffee is not worth drinking if you're craving freshly brewed and a half-price dress is not worth buying if it doesn't make you feel like a goddess. Apply the 'all or nothing' logic to life and it will reward you richly.

4. Shoestring style

You can still sample some of life's luxuries on a budget. Look out for late deals to exclusive holiday resorts, dine at top restaurants for a fraction of the price by selecting set menus, visit designer end-of-season sales... the list goes on. The only thing limiting you is your imagination!

5. Make time

It's your most precious commodity and using it as productively as possible can really enhance your life. See our Top Ten Tips: Making More Time to learn how to do it!