Developed as the 'real life' Grey's Anatomy, Hopkins is a seven-part medical documentary TV series based in John Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, Maryland.


Following faculty staff, residents, nurses, patients and family members in the Hospital, we see the reality of a high-pressure, fast-paced world where life and death decisions are made on a daily basis.

Real life drama unfolds as an originally illegal immigrant gains his citizenship in order to become one of the most prominent Brain Surgeons and marriage's within the hospital find themselves on shaky ground.

In this series we delve into the murky personal lives of the emergency room doctors and witness the decisions made daily to keep their patients safe, including trying find a heart transplant for a young toddler, a three-way kidney transplant, and a heart condition with no known source.

From personal dramas to ones of the medical kinds, Hopkins reveals just how devastating, emotional, and enlightening working to save people's lives can be.