How To Find A Husband

How To Find A Husband documents Sally Gray's ten-week quest to answer one of modern life's most pressing questions... "If I'm so bloody gorgeous, funny, clever and successful, then why am I still single?" The attractive thirty-something gives up her day job, clears out her diary and goes on a mission to find herself a husband...

How To Find A Husband

Sally is out to bag herself the perfect man while at the same time hoping that her trials and tribulations will act as an indispensable guide to other singletons. She leaves no stone unturned and no man unchecked in her personal quest to find Mr Right, and she's given herself ten weeks to do it. Over the course of the show, Sally will exploit as many dating technique as she can, ancient and modern, and calls in theory and relationship experts, look at specific case studies and enlists her mum and even a vicar for help!

"70 dates in 50 days is ambitious by most singleton standards but I wanted to, and definitely did, put my heart on the line," says Sally. "This was a real life experiment where I road tested lots of different types of men with dates ranging from amazing to downright disturbing."

Throughout the show, Sally bares her soul and questions her lifelong beliefs. Questions like: 'Does the traditional fairytale romance still exist?', 'Is my body clock ticking?', and 'Does my confidence put men off?' all have to be answered. Some of the truths might hurt, but Sally is determined - whatever it takes, there must be a man out there who will be her perfect match.

Can there be someone out there for her? And what is the best method of finding him? Can Sally find happiness for herself as well as other like her? Will she be walking up the aisle at the end of the series? You'll have to wait and see! Get ready for a gruelling rollercoaster of fun, laughter, heartache and serious soul-searching...