I Should Have Died

Crazy accidents and miraculous stories of survival against all odds!

I Should Have Died

I Should Have Died! profiles some of the most severe and shocking stories of survival from real people whose lives were changed forever by a moment of impact.

We meet survivors like Denise LeBlanc who was speared in the chest by a marlin fish. The attack would have killed her had it not been for her silicone breast implants.

Elsewhere, 22-year-old Ezra Bias is stabbed in the head by a reinforcing steel bar during a car accident.

The bar hit Ezra at the top of his head, penetrated his skull, and exited out the back of his head, bolting him to the seat’s head rest in the process. Miraculously doctors were able to save his life after successfully removing the bar.

For these cases and in all the stories featured, only the heroism of strangers, cutting edge technology, and the practice of bold medicine stood between their lives and death.