About Inside Death Row

Housing 1,900 inmates, 12 of whom are on death row, Sir Trevor spends two weeks in the dark and forbidding world of Indiana State Maximum Security Prison. He hears from men who know what it is like to live under the shadow of the death penalty and even the date and time they will die.

About Inside Death Row with Trevor McDonald

He makes many visits to I Cell House, which houses Death Row. He meets a man whose crimes are so heinous that they even shock the other killers on the row; a man who was paid to kill two people; the inmate who killed a policeman and a man who killed his wife and two young daughters.

He comes to understand the bitter tensions on the row amongst the inmates and witnesses some extraordinary encounters, including the warden coming face to face with a prisoner whose life he'll, ultimately, be responsible for taking.

Many of the death row offenders are convicted of the most heinous of crimes and in one memorable encounter hearing details of one prisoner's crimes becomes almost too much for Trevor.